About macdaddy's



Macdaddy's Macaroni & Cheese Bar was founded in 2009 by Robert T. Dunn. After spending several years in the fine dining industry owning and operating restaurants, he formed Macdaddy's with the intention of building a QSR that serves over 25 varieties of gourmet macaroni & cheese to all those mac & cheese lovers out there.

In early 2012, Macdaddy's officially partnered with Worldwide Property Management Group and is currently building four company owned stores. In addition, Macdaddy's sold the rights to a ten store buildout currently underway in the state of Texas.

If interested in a business or license opportunity with Macdaddy's, please contact Robert T. Dunn. You may submit an e-mail to him through our contact page.

I hope you enjoy our macs!

Robert T. Dunn

Founder & Chairman